Millets are cereals belonging to grass family. They are rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium and B vitamins. Millets release sugar slowly in the blood and also diminish glucose absorption. Consumers are attracted to the consumption of millets because of these properties.
Though consumption of the millets has been practiced since the beginning of the ancient civilizations of the world, Cooked rice and wheat products are popular currently and millet production and products are making inroads of late. Availability of good quality produce and know how are also major concerns. Transition from rice to millets at homes is not a difficult proposition at all, simply because rice can be easily replaced by different millets without a major impact on taste and texture.
Here is a simple beginning. Let us prepare a simple navane anna (cooked fox tail millet). This cooked fox tail can replace steamed/cooked rice in any south Indian menu/recipe.
My runner hubby and I have almost totally replaced rice from our daily meals and enjoy cooked fox tail millet, with sambar, gojju, pachchadi, rasam with a dollop of fresh cows ghee, without any guilt.
Tastes heavenly with curd and any pickle of your choice.
Preparing navane anna /cooked fox tail millet is very similar to cooking rice.
  • Difficulty - easy
1 cup fox tail millet
3 cups water
  • Clean, wash and soak millet with water for about half an hour.
  • Cook in a pressure cooker, wait till three/four whistles,
  • Allow the cooker to cool down.
  • Serve hot with sambar/rasam of your choice used.
Vary the amount of water and lengh of cooking according to your requirement