Vinayaka Chavthi, Ganesha festival, Siddhivinayaka Vrutham is a very popular Hindu festival which is celebrated throughout  India. Festive spirit will be at its zenith. Religious fervor on the top. Ganesha idols made out of clay are brought home, worshiped with devotion and immersed in water with a wish to have him back next year.  People who can afford make idols with gold and silver and give it away to a priest.
In south India apart from fruit and flowers,  Kadubu a deep fried dumpling is a must as an offering to the lord. 
Basically this dish has two components. The shell made up of plain all purpose flour or semolina dough and a sweet filling.
Based on the filling, in the region of Karnataka this dish assumes many different names. Kayi kadubu with fresh coconut filling, masti kadubu with lentil based filling. These two varieties are little elaborate to prepare. Posted here are three simple options for filling for those who want it easy, simple and tasty.
Option 1
Simplest of all - Mix 1 cup grated coconut, 3/4 cup fried gram, 3/4 cup Sugar, 1/2 spoon cardamom powder and 1/4 lightly roasted poppy seed powder

Option 2 For those who do not want to use sugar
You need 3/4 cup fried gram, 1 cup grated dry coconut, 1 cup powdered jagerry, 4-5 cardamoms.
Powder fried gram in a mixer blender along with cardamom. Add jaggery and run mixer very briefly, add coconut gratings. Filling is ready.
You can add roasted poppy seeds as an option. Nevertheless it tastes great without it also

Option 3 You require freshly grated raw coconut and crushed jaggery in equal measure and a spoonful of cardamom  powder.
In a kadai dissolve jaggery with 1/4 cup water, Keep stirring this on low to medium heat till syrup thickens, Add grated coconut and keep stirring till jaggery syrup and coconut bind, add cardamom , mix well, remove from fire and let it cool. Use this for filling dumplings/ kadubu.

Tips and Notes
Chopped almonds, dates, cashew, raisins may be added to make the dish richer
For option 3 the mix should be sift enough to fill. Over stirring will make it hard and difficult to handle.