I had promised my mother in law that I would prepare her fav ottu shyavige before we left for our trip to US of A for my son's graduation ceremony. She would subtly remind me by telling that the shyavige oralu gifted to me by my mother is very good and that we get very thin strings. By the way Shyavige oralu is the press that is used to get the strings from the dough. So I decided to go about and make her happy. 
Before we go ahead some gyan on this popular dish - 
Ottu shyavige draws its name from the word ottu meaning press in Kannada language. Ottu shyavige is a string hooper prepared with rice flour.  This dish is specialty  in Southern India - call it idiyappam in Kerala, noolputtu in Coorg, Sevai in Tamil Nadu. 

Ottu shyavige dough is prepared by cooking rice flour in boiling water - steaming the dough after making balls to suit the size of the press, and pressing the steamed ball in the press that is traditionally called shyavige oralu.  
Shyavige preparation is a very elaborate process and we got to have shyavige only on very special occasions may be once or twice a year. Every one in the household would eagerly wait for lunch time to enjoy shyavige with their own favorite dish on the side - poppy seed powder sweetened with jaggery, sesame seed powder with jaggery, coconut milk sweetened with jaggery are some sweet accompaniments with sevai. Shyavige can be turned into savory delights with lemon seasoned and garnished with coconut, coriander and green chillies, just coconut seasoned with red chillies or with puliogare gojju. Each one tastes great.

So try this dish it is not as complex as it looks. Prepare, enjoy your and feel proud about your culinary capabilities. - Passion and patience is the key.

Ease -  elaborate but gettable
Preparation and cooking time - 1 hour
  • Rice flour - 500 gms (4 cups)
  • Oil - 2 spoons
  • Boil 4 cups of water in a thick bottomed sauce pan add 1spoon oil and 4 cups of rice flour. Fold the flour nicely in boiling water so that no lumps are formed. Cover with a plate and simmer for 1 min. Remove from fire, keep aside to cool a bit. Knead the dough nicely (dip your fingers in cold water occasionally- the dough will be hot), 
  • Make cylinders (balls) with the dough to match the size of the press 
  • Steam the dough balls (cylinders) like idli for 15 - 20 minutes
  • Collect the strings in a plate after  pressing  dough cylinders as shown using shyavige oralu
  • Press all the dough balls one by one - collect the strings (shyavige) in a big bowl/basin and keep aside.
  • Prepare shyavige mix as per choice using these hoopers (shyavige)
  • Different mixing options are posted separately
  • puliyogare mix
  • gasagase pudi mix
  • kayi hoorana
  • kayi oggarane
  • Nimbe hannina shyavige
Shyavige can also be served with gasagase payasa on the side

  • As per traditional method raw rice is washed , dried in shade and flour is prepared. However rice flour, pathiri flour available in the super markets may be used.
  • Chakli press with sevai attachment can also be used to prepare hoopers.