Chigali unde/ ellu unde is perhaps the simplest of the sweet dishes - two ingredients and 10 minutes is all it takes to prepare this nutritive, tasty, healthy, traditional festival dish. Chigali unde prepared on festivals as offering to Lord Ganesha, for Sumangali Prarthana, given to girls who attain puberty, during navarathri as offering to Durga speaks about the importance of this humble chigali.

Chigali unde may be prepared with either black sesame or white unpolished sesame seeds. One posted here is with white sesame seeds and bella ( jagerry)
  • ease - very easy
  • Time - 10 minutes
  • Makes - 15 laddus/undes

  • Seasame seeds - 250 gms
  • jaggery - 250 gms
  • Ghee - optional
  • In a thick bottomed kadai/ wok dry roast sesame seeds till the seeds swell and you here splutter. Do not let the seeds smoke. Keep aside to cool
  • Crush jagerry - use pestle/pound using a rolling pin on chopping board.
  • Grind roasted seeds coarsely and then add jaggery , grind together again, it forms a lump.
  • take out in a wide bowl, knead, and make lemon sized balls ( keep mix on your left palm and use fingers of your right hand/fist)
  • Use a spoonful of ghee if the mix is dry to make laddu.
Black sesame will impart a bitter taste
I use unde bella - it tastes better and binds well
Tastes good if prepared with sesame with good oil content
Stays for a week without refrigeration