Chakli, chakkuli is a salted snack dish prepared with urad dal and rice. Chakli is prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi and offered as naivedyam along with kari kadubu in Bangalore/ Mysore region of India.
Chakli is also given as Bagina along with return gifts during auspicious occasions like Wedding, naming ceremony etc.
Chakli trditionally is prepared using Chakli Hittu (flour prepared at homes with rice and urad dal). This flour can be stored for almost a year and chakli prepared when ever required. However in this post I have given a short cut recipe for chakli, prepared using boiled/cooked urad dal and rice flour.


  • Urad dal - 1 cup 
  • Rice flour - 4 cups 
  • Hing - 2 generous pinches 
  • Cumin seeds - 1 spoon 
  • Butter - 4 spoons 
  • Water - 3 - 31/2 cups 
  • Salt - 1 1/2 spoons ( as per taste) 
  • Oil - for deep frying 
  • Pressure cook urad dal with 2 cups of water. Let it cool. 
  • Grind cooked dal into smooth paste. 
  • Add rice flour, salt, cumin, hing and butter, knead well till the dough becomes soft and pliable. 
  • Fill the dough in a chakli press and make chaklis as shown. 
  • Deep fry in cooking oil under medium flame till pink. 

  • Follow proportion of water
  • Proper kneading before pressing is important
  • Donot add excess ghee/butter/soda - chakli will disintegrate while frying
  • After removing from the pan, chaklis colour will deepen a bit so be watchful for the end point


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